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Squirrels, Sept 21

What a beautiful, crisp day we had! On the last day of summer, there was new and old life to be explored: bugs, birds, seeds, dogs, and glorious mud! After snacking while reading about a "The Very Busy Spider" (Eric Carle), we looked for treasures and items of interest. Our searches yielded beads, seeds, flowers, and pieces of wood at various stages of decay.

An impromptu team emerged to move a large branch into an observable space, and we wondered, "how did this get here?" Eventually we knew to look up and one student astutely declared "it blew down!"

During free play, many activities were explored: Bugs were observed and/or captured; mud baking ensued; tea parties were had. Please enjoy these photos from the day:

As we enter the fall, we are excited to see the ways our natural classroom changes. There is so much to observe, learn, and wonder about! Based on student interest, our class next week will likely involve the following: dirt, bugs, building.

See you there!

-James, Miss Celine, Megan, Mika

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