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Squirrels, Sept 14

Today was all about animals and noticing in nature!

We learned that squirrels have a type of nest called a drey and as a result we decided to call our spot a drey. We sang some new songs, and read the book Bird Show, featuring artwork of different birds, while we ate snack.

We went on a forest scavenger hunt searching for the biggest leaf, smallest leaf, leaves with smooth edges, seeds and berries, etc, and held a daddy long legs and later a ladybug. The scavenger hunt also led to listening for the crow call (come back call).

In free time a bird watching party sprung up! Using binoculars and listening carefully we spotted some different birds, meanwhile others wanted to dress up as birds. Disguised in bird masks made out of cardboard with fabric wings we attempted to trick the birds into thinking we were birds.

We heard a flicker bird (pictured in our story) throughout the morning and tried hard to find it in the trees and bushes. The class had lots of ideas including searching far and wide and imitating its call.

The tool circle was also popular with a new tool: the saw. Some children used a saw for the first time and practiced sawing to make a rut on an old log.

The morning went by so fast! We loved seeing everyone's curiosity and persistence as we all learned about ourselves and the world around us.

Connecting questions:

  • Did you hear any birds or touch any bugs?

  • Did you learn something new in the tool circle? How did you use your tool safely?

  • What did you choose as your favourite thing in the favourite day song? (Example: A donut day is my favourite day!) Or do you remember how the Five Little Squirrels song goes?

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