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Squirrels, Oct 19

We enjoyed one last glorious warm day in our drey (Squirrel nest). We are starting to get to know each other as a class, and are increasingly playing together during free-time. The day began as it usually does, with a snack and a story.

As the season changes, we learned about migration, hibernation, and even torpor (the squirrel version of hibernation). After playing a food hiding game, we went off to free play. The responsible use of knives, saws, and peelers is a key skill we are developing as we grow in tool independence. It is also a good chance to negotiate with other classmates as we share and trade tools.

Breanne was making carrot cake!

The kitchen continues to be a popular station for creative and muddy play!

Stuffies are treated to one of Priya's famous tea parties.

Winding up a swing!

Can you find all of the students? There are 7 + Mika!

Until next week!

Remember to dress for the weather.

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