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Squirrels, Nov 9

What a snow day! We started warm and ready for a snowy day. We went over to Zombie Hill to do some sledding on the snowy slippery slope (penguin style pictured below). Everyone helped each other make it up the hill after sliding down.

We continued to walk, then ate some snow to hydrate and talked about how snow melts into water. There were lots of theories about how substances change form and soon we were discussing clouds, and rainbows and tornados!

We made it to the bike track ready for a game, so we played a tag game where if you are tagged you had to hop ten times to be free. The squirrels really enjoyed running up and down the bike jumps. When we first arrived we also found some cool prints in the snow!

We ran into James the snow yeti and after defeating him he invited us to his cave (the cabin). At the cabin we took off all our winter gear and got out snacks. We read a book called Mixed Creatures with cool pictures that inspired us to draw our own mixed creatures.

When we warmed up we put on all our winter gear and got back outside. We played around and had fun the rest of the morning. 

Connecting questions:

  • Did you enjoy the snowball fights? How did you feel about getting snow in your face?

  • What are clouds made of?

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