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Squirrels Nov 7

What a beautiful day to play outside! The Squirrels were buzzing with energy this afternoon and upon arriving to our spot started playing an imaginary game. The game was very dynamic with castles, meetings, running from the bad guys ect. There was a nice flow and almost everyone seemed to find role to be involved. It was great seeing all the squirrels working together! Ask your squirrel what role they had in the game.

After burning off some more energy and playing our favourite tag games we started playing with pumpkins and gourds in the tool circle. Some Squirrels hammered, others painted or shaved their pumpkin. Ask your Squirrel which tool they used to change and decorate their pumpkin.

Lastly we had a lot of fun playing with our parachute! The Squirrels did a great job taking turns and working together to accomplish the parachute tasks. We all worked together to throw moose as high in the air as we could!

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