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Squirrels, Nov 30

Hello, and welcome to another exciting Forest School blog by the Squirrels. We managed to have lots of fun exploring, playing, and learning both outdoors and indoors this week. All were warm and fun as we build the skills needed to dress warm and stay warm.

Our climbing skills are increasing and so is our imagination for what is climbable. With the added layers of clothing, climbing can become more accessible, since jackets act as padding, and the snow breaks our fall.

We have found that most slopes can be slid on. Slick conditions are not a problem, they are a solution!

After installing a rope for ease of climbing, we found that ascending the hills was just as fun as sliding down them!

Sometimes we just need a break in a couch shaped tree.

As we learn about hibernation and footprints in the snow, we came upon a mysterious creature...

Spotted up in the trees, there was a drey (squirrel's nest). With the use of twigs and leaves, squirrels can build these well insulated homes as an over-winter refuge from the cold. The difference between a drey and a magpie's nest is the leaves.

During our final playtime, we noticed evidence of small rodents in the snow...

Anybody home?

After seeing the small rodent holes, we thought that maybe this was a dragon hole. What do you think?

See you next time!

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