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Squirrels, Nov 2

We had our first day of full on snow and we thrived! To stay warm, we kept a move on, and enjoyed many games in the snow: Tobogganing in empty dog food bags, burying each other in the snow, having (consensual) snowball fights. We started the day by sliding around, and eventually found a new drey to hang out at. During the summer it is a bicycle pump track, but it served well as our home. After playing and warming up, we stopped for a story time and snack (pictured below)

Tobogganing continued to be a fun activity throughout the day as we explored our bodies and took risks. No injuries so far!

Snow is a terrific insulator and can is surprisingly warm! It can be fun to hide in, or cover friends in. Can you spot the three students below?

We ended our day with a tea party, combining peppermint tea, candy cane bits, and some found ingredients: rose hips and pine needles. It was a nice way to warm up and reflect on a busy morning.

See you next time!


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