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Squirrels, May 17

It was a smoky day for the Squirrels! Due to the low air quality, we kept our outside time brief, stopping for just a few minutes to gather and prepare some sticks for an indoor craft.

We then headed inside, but first saw a mini-house. What is this? A Forest School for ants?

Once inside the Cabin, we had many shenanigans. Snacks, story, and a craft where we made our sticks into toys for James's soon to be born baby boy!

We even attempted to befriend the mysterious trolls that live in the basement. After some spooky visits to the dark and damp storage area, we decided to leave a song recording and some playdough cookies for them, which they took once we were out of sight! Our song went like this:

"Trolls come out, we won't hurt you. Please don't hurt us either (Signed the Squirrels!)" (repeat two times).

Pictured below is one of our students with a yarn-retraction device incase the trolls tried to take her.

Finally, I would like to introduce a visitor from our class, Mr.Worm. Be sure to say hi!

That's all for now!


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