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Squirrels, Dec 5.

What a beautiful December day to play outside ! We welcomed to new friends and enjoyed showing them our space and getting to know each other. We also got to know Sydney who will be subbing in for the next several classes. We started off the class with some of our favourite games (bobcat Squirrel and what time is it Mr. wolf) and a new one we have been learning (rock paper scissors chase) ! Ask your squirrel which game was their favourite ?

During free time today the Squirrels made some wonderfully smelly kitchen recipes using teas and other natural elements. There was lots of teamwork as they shared bowls, teas and other items to make their fun concoction. We didn't bring water today so the squirrels improvised with their own water and some were kind enough to share with others. Ask your Squirrel what they made!

Some Squirrels are also starting to become familiar with Knives and are working on the safety and skills surrounding carving, starting with potatoes!

Lastly we have been noticing our environment, with mapping we have been paying attention landmarks and so this class we tested their powers of observation! There were 9 items hidden along a log and the Squirrels had to try and spot them. Everyone did very good but all the Squirrels were surprised at ones they didn't spot. We will continue this game practicing our skills of observation and perhaps leading into using our other senses as well! Ask your squirrel how many they found.

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