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Squirrels - April 9

We started off with Ms. Jessie teaching us a new game.  Our new game is a version of card tag, with animals on the cards. When you tag someone, you together decide which animal would win, and the winner gets both cards. You can also tag the team's captain, who gives out cards if you need a new one and if you tag the other team's captain you get a card. Whatever team has more cards at the end wins the game. The squirrels talked through decisions, deciding what animal would win with some smart decisions based off things like meat eaters, poisonous, bigger, and faster. There was also some strategy to the game, protecting the captain and the squirrels liked counting the cards at the end and deciding which number is larger. Ms. Melanie reminded us of rock, paper, scissors tag and we played, and we played octopus tag, taking turns being it. 

There was a spring story and we read a funny story called A twig in his bed as we ate a snack, and then we moved on to some painting. Today we had two wooden birdhouses to paint, using bright watercolours and the kids also painted logs, rocks and leaves. Some of the kids also drew pictures and wrote stories in little books, Lev wrote a story about a happy face that he showed us, he even spelled it all by himself. 

There were some discs that were fun to throw around like a frisbee, and Witt got two stuck high up in trees, and Mika had to do a daring rescue, climbing up and using a long stick to snag it and yank it down. Nora enjoyed playing catch with them and Ash liked finding and throwing them. 

The squirrels organized a game they all knew by themselves in freetime, picking the game, getting everybody to play, and choosing who would be it. When they needed a boundary they came and asked for a rope, and played together and ran the game. 

We ended with a resurge in the kitchen in the rock pile at the end, and enjoyed scooping up dirt, collecting rocks and making muffins! What a nice spring day! 

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