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Squirrels, Apr 5

It's finally spring on the bluff! The Squirrels were ready to go after spring break! Ms. Rikkia and her son, Adrian, were here with us, Thank you. Back in our summer drey (squirrels nest) we decided to build our own nests, like the birds and squirrels do to have them young. Coffee filters are the main structure but we added sticks, yarn, and leaves to make it cozy and soft. It was a building challenge and some of the squirrels had some structural challenges due to their build. In our free time we had a kitchen upgrade.

There was water again because of the warm weather! There was so much mud food created (and just mud in general). There was also some drilling, sawing work in the tool circle. A swing was put up with some ropes, and a hammock for stuffies popped up. While the hammock was being put up one of the kids found icicles! Just hanging from a tree-how odd . Then Ms. Celine came for a visit. She hopes to be back soon. We noticed that beaver had a rip-so Ms. Celine was put to the test to sew him up thanks to some kids! Then we found a second rip. It was a long surgery, but never was fixed in the end. Two students worked hard to create twelve mud cupcakes with snow icing and charcoal/leaf sprinkles. They kindly made them for beaver to help him recover. But the beaver didn't like them-so we ate them (pretend) instead.

For the last activity of the day we had a spring scavenger hunt as we walked down. We made groups and searched for signs of spring and checked them off on the sheet on our clipboards.

Another great day! See you next week, Squirrels.

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