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Spring Break Camp - WilderChild

As some of you may know, Upstream's teacher Ms. Rikia runs a little forest school on weekends and holidays called WilderChildYYC. We thought we should let you know that there is an upcoming Spring Break Camp with a few available spaces. The camp is for ages 7-10 on Tuesday, March 28th from 10am-2:30pm at Bowmont Park and Wednesday, March 29th from 10am-2:30pm at 12 Mile Coulee. The price is $45 per day or $80 for the two days. The camp is geared towards exploring the wonderful and unique areas of Bowmont and 12 Mile Coulee through play, discovery, bush craft, games and more. If you are interested email Rikia at You can also find out more about WilderChildYYC at Registration for summer camps will be opening soon. Just a fair warning that the website is not always up to date with all the camps and it's better to get in touch directly!

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