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ROwls, October 24

The ROwls proved to be hardy winter adventurers with our first snow of the season! They were well dressed and ready to be outside - thank you!

Some highlights from our learning today included learning a new game, and joining up with the Rabbits!

We know we must keep moving to stay warm in the winter...snow soccer, fort building and sledding filled that requirement in the morning!

In the afternoon, we climbed a steep, slippery hill (the rope climb, minus the rope!) to move across the top of the bluff to the 'keyhole' area. The climb helped us encourage each other, look out for our last person, stay together, and use all our limbs to keep from falling! Once there, we learned a game called Double Ball which the Blackfoot have traditionally played. It feels like Lacrosse and football together. We will make our own balls next week, and keep learning the rules to this fun game!

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