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ROwls, Oct 31

In true Halloween tradition, the ROwls got down and dirty with the gross factor today!

Gross Capture the Flag, Double Ball where the 'losing team' has to complete a fear factor challenge, and face painting - these were the highlights today!

Why do we do this? It's a chance for the children to challenge themselves, and push themselves out of what is comfortable for them. They might have to try a new food, or touch something slimy; all activities that are neither harmful or physically risky, but might feel uncomfortable to try. This spirit of trying something new we like to encourage in the ROwls; we trust that this 'adventure muscle' will transfer into school, life, connections and decision making.

Ms. Lala let us participate in creating with her face paint; we loved learning how to make a bruise! I see some first aid practice in our future!

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