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Rowls - November 28, 2023

The sun was shining and Rowls were ready to play, we enjoyed playing the original Card tag game. It was a close game as each team had such a great defence and strategy.

Anticipating the Double Ball tournament with the Owls in the New Year, the Rowls trained with some passing drills as they ran around pylons to build on their stick control and scoring above, below and on the rope. Then they played a game where each player was guarding another player in the other team, it was an exciting game to watch as everyone played with such skill ( lots of interceptions ) you would think they have been playing double ball forever! Some of the kids shared some techniques that worked for them, such as pivoting to keep the ball from getting stolen from the other team member guarding them. The Owls better watch out as the 'Crazy Coyotes' ( the name they chose for their double ball team) are eager and ready to play you in their new favourite game!

After a quick water and snack break they got busy making some crafts with sticks and colourful yarn to create some beautiful hanging decorations to sell at the winter market. Some kids opted to create weapons with their sticks in the tool circle, also to sell at the market.

As we headed back to the cabin for lunch, we gathered some materials for our next craft for the market. We made some one of a kind votive candle holders and decorated them with some leaves, berries, pine cones, they enjoyed this very much and were saying they looked so good they would sell for $100! But we decided on $5 each!

In the afternoon, the class was split in two, some were using their artistic skills painting the team flag for the Crazy Coyotes, while others were using primal skills to figure out how to scrape and prep some Deer Hyde that was gifted to our class today.

Here's a video to show what we will be attempting to do to the deer Hyde:


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