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Red Squirrels, Oct 4

We had a great first class of red Squirrels. To learn more about our space and take a little closer at who and what we share our space with, we did a color scavenger hunt. The Squirrels were very good at color matching what they found to a certain color square. We described colors as more then just yellow and grey and green. We found some fun multicolored leaves as well!

To get to know each other we did a lava challenge, decreasing the available stones each round. Some of the Squirrels challenges themselves by caring objects across. It was fun to challenge ourselves and cheer on our classmates.

This group by the end of the class had built a tipi which we hope to continue with during our next classes!

Connection questions:

What kind of objects did your carry across the lava.. stuffies? pylons? balls?

During the tipi construction did you help haul sticks? place sticks or paint the tipi?

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