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Red Squirrels, Nov 8

The Red Squirrels love a good challenge! This morning we set up an obstacle course with mouse traps and pylons to try and navigate through. We started with only two mouse traps set in order to feel more comfortable but by the final round everyone tried in blindfolded with all the traps set! There was great teamwork and communication as they guided each other through the minefield. Then I tested a new game on the Squirrels and they gave it their all, talked about ways to improve it and named it Monkey ball!

Some pulleys, ropes and buckets were brought out during free time and some cool contraptions came to life. We had zipline and pulleys, some that delivered packages while others protected a kingdom. Lots of collaboration amongst the Squirrels, but also a few individual projects. Beautiful day to play outside!

Connection Questions:

Did you watch the other Squirrels try the minefield before jumping in or were you the first one lined up? Did you like setting the mousetraps off?

What did you build with the pulleys? delivery service? elevator?

Did you like the feeling of the pumpkin insides after we cut it open?

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