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Red Squirrels, May 9

Today we started with baking vinegar and baking soda rockets, but despite our best efforts to make a good cork they turned into Volcanoes which was just as fun! The Squirrels experimented with different ratio of the ingredients and guessed why it was so foaming. Next class we will try to make the bottles launch so stay tuned!

The Squirrels have been loving the compass directions so we left a scavenger hunt for the afternoon class based on different directions and landmarks. We hope they found the treasure! Ask your Squirrel which landmark they used or where we hid the gems.

During free time we practiced our knots and built a tarp shelter, did some beading and carving of weapons. Lots of collaboration on the projects and gifting each other spears. At the end of the day we made time to play a couple of our favorite games!

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