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Red Squirrels, May 2

Today we played at our regular spot since it had been a couple weeks since we had been there. Last class the Squirrels had been into using the cardinal directions and their compass to find the lost stuffies. This week they made their own. It was good practice walking 20 steps east as we often veer slightly off track. Both teams were able to find each others stuffies, which means the directions were accurate, way to go Squirrels!

During free play there was lots of tool work, making swords, rainbow sticks and sail boats. Ask your Squirrel which one they made. Some beading and chalk drawing too and as usual a few of the Squirrels volunteered to be tied up. Since we have been using rope we also learned the overhand knot to help secure the ropes better and the handcuff knot. Ask your Squirrel if they successfully used the knots to tie someone up.

Finally Katie had made some Story Stones for us to use and the Squirrels had so much fun making up stories together, Thanks Katie!

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