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Red Squirrels, May 14


- New spaces with our small class

- Tools and making creative projects

- Fort building

- Bugs and what lives under logs

- Edible plants

- Games

- Weaving a spider web

Skills Embraced:

Jessie's crew

- Making Dandelion tea and plant collection

- Building, gathering wood for forts and communicating group ideas for building

- Risk assessment of forts and balancing to move around the raised fort

- Making Ninja starts and other pointed weapons

- Learning how to weave a spider web

Connection Questions

Did you like the dandelion tea? What part of the dandelion did we use? Who did you build a fort with and what rooms did you make?

Megan and Dawn's Crew

- Learning about ants and what they are attracted too, using oranges as bait so we could vacuum them up and then study them in the containers

- Playing group games, teaching each other games and sharing roles in the games. We played soccer, tunnel ball, many made-up games initiated by the kids including hide and seek and stuffy instructions, and predator vs. prey.

- Tool circle was a busy place making creations come to life! Walter made a stuffy swing, Cosma made an ant, Talia made a rainbow space ship, Theo made an alien and Julien made a Space unicorn.

Connection questions:

Which bugs did you like collecting ? Did the ants eat the oranges? Which game did you teach the class, or which one was your favorite? Did you try a new tool in the tool circle today?

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