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Red Squirrels, April 11

The Red Squirrels voted on the bike track for our spot today which was perfect because it was out of the wind, but we first had to get the wagon down there. Emerson and Ted helped me slowly lower the wagon down while Lincoln moved the wheels so we didn't go off course, great team work indeed!

We have been noticing more birds in our area and played a sound identification game to see how well we knew our local birds. Ask you Squirrel if they knew most of the sounds. We spread out some bird seed and watched the chickadees come to visit.

We played games, carved weapons for sword fighting and experimented with creating a zipline during free play. Lots of creation and experimentation in todays play. Ask your Squirrel if they were part of the animal hospital.

No class on the 18th, see you the following week for hopefully some more spring like weather!

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