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Rabbits/Owls, Sept 12 (ROwls, from here on in!)

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

ROwls are enjoying the game Camoflague...with variations! Ask your ROwl what their strategy is.

We joined with the Rabbits class to play Animal Card Tag, and everyone enjoyed our time together! We hope to build friendships with each other and hopefully learn from each other in the future!

One highlight from today was our beading; Celine had needles and thread, pictures to inspire, and introductory instructions for us to begin our beading journey. We are practicing on felt, and learning how to bead in a straight line, but also in a curved line. They were quiet and focussed for their Sit Spot, enjoying both the the sun and the intense work.

Ask your ROwl...

-what are you beading? Why did you choose this?

-what work did you do with yarn today?

-what do you hope the ROWls do in the future?


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