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Rabbits, May 31

With the smaller numbers today, we were able to observe different 'sub-groups' of friends that emerged to begin a new and different play story! We simply observe these new groups, and try to notice what the new combination brings to the play.

The Animal Game is still capturing our interest, and now we have the intention of getting a mate and having a child, the ultimate goal of nature! Once they have proven they are capable of getting all the resources they need to start a family, they are granted a child and can retire from the game. I kept forgetting where the food stores were, so I only got a mate...I'll keep trying!

We continue our love of stories with 'rock storytelling', in which the listeners become participants. Try some story telling at home! At a meal, or on the road, everyone adds one piece to the plot as you go. I'm sure you already know how creative your child is!

Connection Questions:

* in the Animal Game, do you work together with anyone? why or why not?

* today's class was a bit quieter - why do you think that? what happened in the quiet for you?

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