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Rabbits, May 17

It is a pleasure to see our large art and story project being whisked away on the ideas of the Rabbits! It is hard to catch up with them sometimes! They have so many ideas for the plot, and how their animal can work together; we hope these ideas will transform into real world solutions in their free play!

There is a 'metal' team and a 'wood' team, and when the wood team started using metal as well, that team was in a slump. However, when challenged to create a new technology, or way of using the material, they rose to the challenge. We look forward to more 'progress' next week!

The edibles on the forest are becoming an area of interest, and the Rabbits are quickly learning (and teaching each other!) what can be eaten and what cannot. There was a lot of tasting this week, and as we all love this season, there will be more!

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