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Rabbits, May 11

Todays class had adapted well to the different configurations! For the most part, the feedback about splitting the classes was positive! They both found it 'quieter'!

The class with Ms. Dawn explored the plants growing in the space, making paints and finding new things to grind! They enjoyed the skipping challenges, learning some new moves on the double skipping rope!

The class with Ms. Lea also practiced their skipping, and also learned the call of their bird, but were interested instead in ropes, forts and ziplines! They will continue their knot work and zipline exploration!

Both groups are practicing making goals for themselves; to say they will try and do or be something, then reflect back at the end of the day. Both groups are also paying attention to their chosen bird by felting one; how it sits, the shape of it's head, and soon, it's colourings!

We will keep the same groups and same drop off locations for this week as well. Thank you for accommodating this!

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