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Rabbits, March 24

Themes Explored:

-tracks and animal signs

-building from scratch

-tool use

-rough and tumble play

Skills Embraced:

-built a dead fall trap following pictorial and verbal instructions

-continued to build bird feeders and make decisions on how to best design them for the birds, and where to place them

-followed animal tracks and made hypotheses (educated guesses) based on the information (for example, we found a cat track: therefore, it could be a house cat or a bobcat)

-carving with new tools (toothpick, needle) and adding texture (wire) to the crayons

-discovering our personalities, knowing ourselves

Connection Questions: We are using the True Colours personality forum (Orange, Gold, Green and Blue) to think about who we are. We gave each of the groups an animal personality; ask your child if they were a Magpie, a Deer, a Chickadee or a Squirrel?

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