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Rabbits, March 15

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Evolution of our tire obstacle course... early version of the tire obstacle course...

If I had to pick a story from today, it would be the tire. Bringing up two tires from the bike tracks resulted in the question; what should we do with them? Everett and Maeve suggested going inside and rolling in them, which Everett tried to do. He's a bit big, we discovered! Avaleigh then thought of making a fence to try and stop the tire from rolling down the hill out of sticks; soon, the rest of the children were involved in sharpening sticks into stakes, and Avaleigh and Talia hammered them into the ground. Anais made a jump for the tire to go over the fence, and Everett added one at the bottom to go over a fallen log, the aim being to get the tire all the way back to the bike track!

The 'trail and error' part is my favourite part; figuring out why something didn't work and rigging the next trial to go better. Ask your child what helped get the tire in the right direction, and what part they helped with in the process?

Your child might be one of the few who instead worked on a new fort. Ask them about how they discuss who can come into the fort, and how they decide who to spend time with. These discussion we will continue in future classes!

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