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Rabbits, Jan 4

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Welcome back! Thank you for having the Rabbits so well dressed. We stayed outside until 11's how!

We began with some sliding on the fresh snow, which led to a pick-axe rental shop and some rescue operations. From there, we tried some tug of war to warm up, and then moved on to animal rescue. The children had to be creative on how they moved their animal from the bottom of the hill to the top. Level 1 could be any way; level 2 was not touching the animal with their hands, and level 3 was it had to be 6 ft away from their body. Some teamed up and some worked alone, but everyone rose to the challenge!

Then, we slid to the bike track area where we set up a parachute and had a small fire underneath. We were able to warm up our hands out of the wind, and were ready to head inside after that. They enjoyed finishing their stars from December's Sit Spot, and relaxed in each other's now familiar company. What a day!

Connection Questions:

-What was your strategy to keep warm?

-How did you rescue your animal?

-What did you learn about Ms. Jessie today?

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