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Rabbits, Jan 12

The bad news is, I forgot my camera and didn't take any pictures ! The good news is, I'll write more of a story of our day this week!

We began by following the pages of the book Dear Yeti as we walked. When the characters in the book followed tracks, we made tracks to create a story. We also made scat and a den for the Yeti, deciding what it likes to eat! When the wind howled, we used ropes to make a windstorm, and when they went home for tea, we also had berry tea! The children would like the Yeti to bring cookies next week - here's hoping!

We then played a running game where one Yeti has to turn the rest of the children into Yetis! This involved strategy and a lot of running in snow, which they both did with vigor!

During their free time, some children carved, some created a home for the turtle, and others created a timber store (Timber You Need) which the other children bought boughs from! We will continue this next week!

During the debrief, we are looking at when we give 100% of our attention and effort, and when we don't. What do we notice about ourselves? Do we like physical activities best? Resting ones? Activities alone, with others? This is such valuable knowledge!

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