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Rabbits, Feb 8

During todays class we brushed up on our map and compass skills! We started with a map and 10 pencil placed around our spot (indicated on the map), the first round was a bit chaotic as they only had 5 mins to collect them all. Afterwards we debriefed that a system was needed and if they all worked together with better communication they could beat the time. The Rabbits came up with some great ideas, like assigning who was going for which pencil, working in teams to have two sets of eyes and crossing them off the map so they didn't go to the same spot twice. Round two was done in 3 min 40 seconds! Later in the class we also practiced using the compass and being able to walk in a certain direction. Next class we will be doing a treasure hunt set up by the other class and will need to know out directions!

During free play there were battles, fort building, swing creating, rock painting and tool time. It was lovely to have the warmer weather and do activities that didn't have to make us stay warm. We ended with some animal eye spy to test our skills of observation and created some more animals homes this time with moving parts.

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