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Rabbits, Feb 23

Themes Explored: Team planning

-fire building


Skills Embraced:

-making a group plan and listening to the team

-changing course half way through a plan to re-evaluate

-helping each other through a challenge

-physical literacy; balance, hanging

-melting snow on a fire using your own design

-carving a 'pop up' design

Connection Questions:

How did your team get through the rope challenge (walking on the rope without touching on the ground)? How did your team melt the snow? Did it work? Why or why not? Did you have to change your plan half way through? How?

In our final Survivor Day, the team that proved most successful was...the MHOJ's! Maryam, Hazel, Harlan, Owen and Joe! They have chosen spider dogs (and maybe a biscuit) to cook over a fire next week. If you'd like to send your own food, that's fine! I'll have hot dogs (regular and veggie) as well as Pillsbury Crescent Rolls to wrap around a stick and cook!

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