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Rabbits, April 6

Themes Explored:

-bird families and orders (learning to identify birds based on their order and family group)

-noticing the duck shape (preparing for field trip next week!)

-carving round shapes (new tool: rasp)

-building from scratch, with scraps!

Skills Embraced:

-carving a small piece of wood with a rasp for a duck's body

-noticing the shape of the duck's head and making this out of clay

-crayon carving, and using creativity to add wire to the creation

-noticing our personality (deer, squirrel, chickadee or magpie) and how we act

and noticing this in other people!

-fort building, with discussions on who can come it and who can't (this will be continued next week, to clarify the expectations in each group's fort)

Connection Questions: Where did you see your personality today? What word described you? Do you notice any of these animal types in our family?

(We are describing the True Colours personality chart, identifying animals that match the colours:

Orange/magpie: bravery, spontaneous, energetic

Gold/squirrel: Punctual, organized, and precise

Green/deer: Analytical, intuitive, and visionary

Blue/chickadee: Empathetic, compassionate, and cooperative

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