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Rabbits, April 20

We are on a journey of getting to know the birds in our forest. Today, each child chose a bird from their favourite group (passerines, piciformes or anseriformes -the bird family names!) and will get to know this bird better over the next few weeks. We practiced looking at a picture of a bird for 10 seconds, and drawing it as best we could; this helps when trying to identify a bird. We only get a few seconds (usually!) to observe a bird to look it up; being able to remember what we saw helps!

We also tried to get to know a little of our birds' behaviour; if we saw another bird that looked like it, how would we know it was ours? Ask your child?

At the end of our class, we ground charcoal from our fires in the winter, and will turn the powder into an ink next class to draw our bird with. We hope to make a variety of inks and paints in the next weeks!

Connection Questions: What bird did you chose, and why? What is one thing that would make your bird stand out if you saw it? How did you grind the charcoal?

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