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Rabbits, 30 Nov

Our Rabbits class are showing real interest in orienteering, maps and compasses. We are looking forward to a field trip to Silver Springs Boardwalk next week (6th Dec) to take these skills further.

Motivated by a hunt for hidden animals our group used only compass directions to navigate. Indoors, as we took respite from the chill, we were able to investigate and learn how to use compasses in detail with one on one time with each child to answer questions and see where any misunderstandings might be. We also explored directions on maps through coordinates by generating a secret image by following coordinate directions.. these pine tree images inspired further artistic flair as Christmas tree adornments and winter decorations were added.

We are utilising games to extend the interpersonal skill development in the group. By playing games that have sufficient scope for development, the children get invested in suggesting changes to the game, negotiating with their peers, collaboratively assessing the goals of the game and feeling confident to express their thoughts all while being motivated to work together and maintain group involvement and come to a mutually agreeable solution. We are seeing these games work excellently to provide these learning experiences while also keeping the activity fun and feeling self-directed by the group. This week we played a game incorporating Elves and Orcs from Lord of the Rings as there has been recent interest in the cohort, with many adapting the characters to suit their personality.

We are thrilled to see the way this group is playing broadly with each other, supporting and assisting each other in different challenges and contributing fairly equally in class dynamics, while still being very individual in how they express themselves.

The small class sizes and the varied experiences of Forest School seem to be doing just what we hope they will, in allowing young people to grow confidently into themselves and find companionship and support in their peers and teachers....(and the occasional arm-wrestle!)

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