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Rabbits, 20 June

Our last class for the year, while wet was a lovely celebration and a revisiting of some of the fun we've had. We closed our class with a sneaky game of coyote stick with parents... thanks to those who could come! To debrief our year and give thanks for each other and some of the experiences we were grateful for in the year, we each put a gem to represent ourselves in the handmade leather pouches we made in recent weeks, so each child could take home their pouch and go through the gems and remember each of their friends in our class.

A highlight of our class was a surprise "attack" from the Coyotes class. Uncontrollable laughter, some robust wrestling and karate moves took our Rabbits class to a resounding victory... that is to say the Coyotes graciously pretended to be defeated. We have been so fortunate to have such patient, thoughtful and playful older youths in the Coyotes class to set an example and show their interest and pleasure in playing with our class. Their leadership in teaching us rugby among other shared experiences have given our class a chance to relish the company and fine example the Coyotes set.

To enjoy some time under tarps, we got creative with some beautiful pieces of bark, that Ms. Rikia had collected. With clay, leaves, yarn and drills; some made faces, shields and art pieces as gifts for family members. It was fascinating to see the different and creative ways each child approached this open-ended creative task. As has become something of a favourite pasttime, the group spontaneously commenced storytelling, sharing stories, listening and speaking in a respectful and appreciative flow.

We played several games, including yeti ball and coyote mouse, to keep everyone warm and to get active and have lots of fun.

We shared stories of some of our favourite moments in the year and chose a depiction of a forest to represent our class, with a tree for each of us and wrote memories from the year on leaves to put on our trees.

We set up some hammocks and a slackline under the trees to provide varied spaces to include in their free play.. the games they created with potato farmers and pretend boats and lava were imaginative and so rich and inclusive.

We have been so blessed to spend this past year with you all... we are so grateful for the kind and adventurous children in our class and the wonderful experiences we have been able to share together.

Have a wonderful Summer and we look forward to seeing those that can back on the Bluff again next year!

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