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Owls - September 14

The Owls have truly embraced the nature of Upstream Forest School and its be adaptable to the twists and turns of a river while being conscious of what is upstream and how they affect what is downstream. The Owls welcomed Mrs. Rikia (who will be alternating with Mrs. Celine) graciously with stories, curiosity and energy.

To shake of the morning chill we had fun playing multiple line tag games that demanded teamwork and strategy. What proved to work better, brain, speed or brawn? Or perhaps a combination of all?

Settling down for a little snack and a name game, we got to know each other all a little better. The previous Burrowing Owls are spreading their wings and adjusting to the full day class. Although it is a little more demanding energy wise and stamina wise we are learning how to pace ourselves. Following the name game we had some free time with the slack line, hammock, some trapping mastery and the tool circle. Before lunch the Owls were challenged with a group balance and strength challenge. Ask your Owl how they managed to work it out.

After lunch and some dice/logic games we worked on tarp set ups and shelter making. Leaving the owls to their own devices they were given examples, tarps & rope and time to figure out amongst themselves (and a little guidance) how to make a tarp that would keep out the cold, withstand the rain test and allow for some comfort.

Shifting pace we went about making throwing slings...this incorporated tool use, fine motor skills, weaving, geometry and for those that finished, the satisfaction of learning how to throw the sling with skill. We will continue this next week to give time to those who didn't finish.

Winding up the day we settled down with a sit spot that was either working on their sling in silence or creating something with grass and thread. While debriefing we realized that there were a number of funny moments from the day and even from the previous year.

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