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Owls, Sept 23

The morning started with some games, the baseball camouflage game was tricky in a new area and we had to come up with some new ideas so we could run the bases successfully! Then we spent some time sitting down and drawing how we thought the trees communicated with each other. There were some great ideas based on energy, electricity, sound waves and mushroom communication. After we drew our idea we passed it along until everyone had drawn their interpretation of the idea. Ask your owl which drawing was the most ridiculous or hardest to interpret, talking pickles? lolipops? an Ocean?

During free time there was lots of focus on building armor for the sword fighting that was to come! Many of the owls had to come back and re work there design after the field tests showed the weakness of their Shields, body armor or helmets. All the armor was built with twine and cardboard and required some out of the box thinking. The owls came up with a revenge style sword fighting game which allowed us to practice and improve on our battle styles!

The day concluded with a play written by Vita, and performed by the class! We hope to see act 2 next week!

Connection questions:

Which idea did you draw for tree communication?

During the sword fighting did you feel comfortable dueling everyone? or did you have your favorites?

During the play next week are you hoping to be a character? supporting role? or background character?

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