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Owls, Oct 7th

Card tag is a favourite Owl game. This time new rules were discussed and some introduced to the game. On reflection they were successful and enhanced the game. They will stay in future games for now with the addition of different rules always a possibility to keep the game interesting and challenging.

We continued our inquiry investigating the symbiosis of trees and fungi playing relay games to understand the importance of fungi to trees. Ask your child to share their journal drawings with you and explain what spoons, forks and colouring have to do with trees and fungi. A different game representing the movement of sugars through fungal mycelium got everyone problem solving, sharing ideas and supporting each other to complete the group challenge. Both groups were successful in very different ways so we demonstrated strategies to each other. This game changed into an all group challenge to send the balls down the ramp with a jump into the toilet target at the end! It was so great to see everyone playing a role to make this happen and if a change or fix was needed somebody jumped at the chance to do it. Amazing togetherness and teamwork!

Connecting Questions:

How did your group send the ball around everyone and back to the start?

What role did you play in sending balls down the ramp?

How did it feel to give up your worry rock? Were you ready?

What would you like to do in Fish Creek Park next week?

Field Trip next week (Oct 14th) to Fish Creek. We'll meet in the Shannon Terrace public parking lot. As you are driving down into Fish Creek keep going straight until you reach the public parking. Ignore the right turns, these will take you to staff parking and the Environmental Learning Centre.

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