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Owls, Oct 12

There was so much creativity on display today! The Owls are masterminds at being able to create their own play; our student teacher, Quynh (pronounced "Quinn") was amazed and impressed!

The toilet talk, part 2, went well today. We are encouraging the Owls to talk to anyone who they might have an issue with; teacher support is always available!

There is a lot of interest in three things: the Meeple village, which is like a fairy village but with small human like figures. The Owls are carving their own meeples this year!

A store that sells natural loose items, such as flaming red leaves, coiled up seeds and helicopters. It is a bit of a hike to get to, but worth it!

The forge: some have been banging on metal and cracking open rocks (after our risk assessment, we are all wearing safety glasses and giving each other space); we noticed the smells of different items today. There is a tree that smells like watermelon/apples (depending on who your ask) and a rock that is now affectionately named "fart rock", based on it's smell!

A coil of wire was found on the bluff and turned into a mircophone and TV camera...have a look at what was created!

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