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Owls, Nov 5

Themes: Exploration, group decisions, risk assessment, staff work, comfort zones.

Skills embraced: Weighing benefits to consequences, hearing different perspectives, learning choreographed staff fighting, overcoming cold feet.

Connection question: Would you have changed something about the day? less walking ? more walking? dry feet? Do you like being the "attacker" or "blocker" in staff fighting?

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Jessie Veronelly graduated from the U of A with a BA in Environmental Studies with a major in the Outdoor Stream.  She has worked as a Backroads leader, river guide and climbing instructor, and has education and experience in group management as well as leading children's camps.  Beyond all of this, Jessie is a kind and warm person who really connects with the kids on their level and lets them learn at their own pace, letting each child be their own, unique person.