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Owls, May 25

We were very excited to count our earnings from our Market (thank you for coming!)...$135! We talked about what we would like to do with our money - we are now dreaming big!

We would like to try a raft down the Bow River, depending on river levels, or rent a van and have a field trip! The teachers will do some research and come back to the group with info next week! We are getting very good at making decisions together, using the styles we discussed back in September.

We are also discussing the 'animal mind'; the way of being in the world that relies on our bodies and our intuition, at times more than our actual senses. We often live in our logical brain, but are practicing using other ways of knowing. For example, have you even felt someone watching you, and turned to look and someone is? This is your intuition working! We are pairing this with fox walking, a quiet way of being in the forest, and a game called Where's My Dinner, where we must read each other's faces (and use our gut!) to decide who has stolen our dinner!

Connection Questions:

  • what are you up to during free time, now that the weather is warmer?

  • what is your strategy during Nutty Squirrels, and Where's my Dinner?

  • how did the rock/intuition game go for you? What senses did you try to use?

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