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Owls, May 20

Themes Explored:

- Building cars and other transporting devices

- Creating paint from natural material

- Competitive races and other fair games

- How to make a slackline even more challenging

-Building and creating obstacle courses and fun rides

Skills Embraced:

- Team work and exploring different leadership styles on the slackline, using peoples strengths to complete the challenges

- Creating a plan, testing the plan and re evaluating the plan during car building and asking the question "why won't this car roll straight!?"

- Testing different physical strengths and skills during fair races

- Creating a safe way to ride the shopping cart

- trying different aspects of the obstacle course that were tricky or scary for different people. (shopping cart ride included)

Connection Questions:

Which Obstacle did you find the most fun, which one was to scary to try?

Which activity surprised you? would you choose it again?

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