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Owls, March 2

Finally, the field trip they've all been waiting for...Tucky's house!

First of all, a huge thank you to Jenny for opening up her space and home for us! We always appreciate her generoisty! Thank you as well to all the parents for carpooling, and getting your kids to the right place at the right time!

Our morning consisted of the finale to our Survivor Challenge. Tucky took us on a wild goose chase through his property to the furthermost corner, as instructed! Almost everyone said this was the most challenging and hardest part of their day. To me, it looked like it was the hardest part of their Forest School year; I haven't seen them struggle physically so much as they did on this walk. The snow was deep, their packs were heavy and they didn't know where they were going or how long it would take. We stopped to talk about a very important part of group dynamics: morale. We described 'morale' as our energy, our spirits, our mood. Our morale was low! Acknowledging this produced a change; there was now singing, encouragement, and a pack to let the slowest hiker go first so we wouldn't lose anyone behind us. What an important moment for this class!

Then we had the following challenges; ask your Owl about their favourites!

-tree felling

-shelter building

-snowblind pyramid making

-the 'zipper', a group trust exercise

We were soooo hungry by the time we escaped Tucky's forest that lunch never tasted so good. Thanks to Tucky we had a fire to warm us up, and we enjoyed the fun things to do in his yard: what were the highlights for your child?

-petting the animals



-digging in the now


-hot chocolate!

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