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Owls, June 9

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We had asked everyone to cross their fingers and do whatever they needed to do to have wonderful weather for today...and they did! A perfect day for getting wet!

The Owls used their prototype designs to get straight to work on their boat. Using the supplies the whole team pulled together to bring, we experimented with buoyancy and floatation. Testing it out in the water, we were able to adjust the design, using each others' expertise to help. Setting off from shore after lunch, we found the paddle out was quite enjoyable, but coming back was much harder! There was a small wind, and some of our buckets had water in them, so with the help of some rescue craft (the class!) we made it all back!

We weren't sure if we'd have enough warmth left to swim, but after 'deconstruction time', the sun came out and we were ready! The dock proved to be as fun as we thought it would be...diving, jumping and sprinting off into very cold water was refreshing!

Thanks to Ms. Dawn for all the gathering of supplies, and for her hosting us at the lake!

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