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Owls, June 1

The Owls were in sync this week! A new bo staff fighting routine taught us to be in tune with each other as we worked in partners to memorize the fight sequence and then switched roles (attacker or defender), and then partners, to ensure we understood the flow and could repeat it with anyone. We had fun carving our bo staffs during free time as well.

A new group challenge also highlighted cooperation as the Owls navigated a maze of yarn blindfolded while remaining connected to each other and the yarn. There were several dead ends and the group got turned around at one point but they navigated each challenge as a team and found the end of the maze at last!

It was cold and rain threatened all day, but that didn't get us down. We used our knot and shelter expertise to set up tarps and sang campfire songs as we crafted, even composing our own class song to the tune of "Down by the Bay". Scroll down for the lyrics and more highlights from our day.

Connecting questions:

  • What is one of your plans for when parents visit on the last day of class?

  • What was it like navigating the yarn maze blindfolded as a group?

  • Did you find you excelled at something today? What was your strategy when you found something challenging? (Examples: Bo staff routine, Stratego, clothespin sneaking game, three way tug-of-war)

Three way tug-of-war:

Sneaking up quitely to see if we could put a clothespin on our partner without being heard and pointed at:

Playing Stratego, an advanced version of card tag:

Down by The (Bike) Track

(sung to the tune of "Down by the Bay)

Down by the track

Where the tall trees grow

Back to forest school

I dare not go

For if I do

My teacher will say:

"Have you ever seen Tucky

Chasing a ducky?"

Down by the track!

Remaining verse endings:

Have you ever seen...

...Ms. Lea, eating a tortilla?

...Hazel, snacking on basil?

...Em, chewing on a pen?

...Mariam, singing an aria?

...Bean, looking quite keen?

...Celine, being kinda mean?

...Jo, saying "ho-ho!"?

...Everett, climbing Mt. Everest?

...Calvin, doing some shelvin'?

...Simon, busy tree climbing?

...down by the track!

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