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Owls, January 13

What an amazing day! Our last activity of the day evaluated how challenging every activity of the day had been for each person. The first fire challenge we had (keep your fire going for 5 min) was considered easy. The last fire challenge of the day (get your fire going in 5 min) was difficult! In between those two activity were a range of fun and team building events where your child was challenged, or not, depending on what they decided to put into it.

One of the highlights was the soup on the fire! A team in the morning decided which tripod design they wanted, and a team in the afternoon built it with the sticks they hauled down from the bluff. The soup was delicious (thank you for all the ingredients!!) and the origami with Emery was successful and well explained!

Connection Questions:

-What made the second fire challenge so difficult?

-What strategies did you use during the fox walking activity?

-What was your favourite ice skating game?

-How did you get across the 'broken glass' in the morning (the tire challenge)?

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