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Owls, Jan 19

As our survival challenge continues it's evident how well the Owls know each other. They are aware of each other's strengths, able to divide work efficiently and to negotiate decisions within a group. Shelter building continues to be a highlight, so that's how we started our day. Ask your Owl about their shelter design and the improvements they made today.

Part 2 of our survival challenge was to build fire and melt enough snow to fill a can with water. It was a struggle to hold the can over the fire using sticks as tongs until one design-minded group had the idea to move the fire base on top of the fire and use it as a grill for the can to rest on.

The warm weather was wonderful - we got to spend time crafting in the sun alongside our usual active play. But there was still plenty of that, and today we learned the basics of a new sport, Rugby! There's a rumor that we might be able to challenge to Coyote class to a match once we've mastered the game. Ask your owl what they thought of passing backward.

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