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Owls, February 10

We are beginning to ask the Owls about the 'next steps' in their learning; in the debrief at the end of the day, in the last weeks we were encouraging them to make 'requests' based on their experiences of the day. This week, we will begin asking them to consider skills that they might need more of, or practices that will help them in other think about what they need in terms of learning, not only what they want.

Today had some of the requests from last week! We practised some cheerleading poses and drills to prepare for our challenge, and for Deer Stalking. We had knot challenges for our 'survivor' request. Well done on all the knots you learned and shared this week!

We are ramping up our football strategies, and wish we had more snow for tackling! We hope to learn some basic moves this week.

At lunch we had our guest, Dori, share her personal stories with us, and stories from her Ojibway, Cree and Metis culture. The Owls had many interesting and deep questions about being Indigenous, and also about beading. She has helped up learn some new techniques, and we will continue with our work next week!

One challenge that was presented involved getting balls into a bucket that was suspended from a tree, and was far to high to throw into. The group practiced a few techniques and worked to keep getting a better and better time. They went from 1:04 min, to a final of 0:15:38. We were so impressed that they kept challenging themselves to figure out the inefficiencies and fix them! We also noticed that they like to jump in; instead of taking the time to hear out everyone's idea, they went to the first one that was suggested. In the future, we'll encourage them to slow down and hear all the ideas before trying one.

Connection Questions:

-What is your favourite position in football?

-What story do you remember Dori telling?

-What worked during the bucket challenge? What didn't work? Why?

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