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Owls, Dec 5

We started the day with a little brain exercise! First we attempted to learn/memorize as much of the morose code library as possible before competing with each other. The Owls were pretty quick learners which helped them succeed on the next challenge of decoding and then writing their own clues in morose code! Some Owls spent free time constructing sleds, which required problem solving and some test run and modifications (Can't wait to see what next week brings) or playing the wolf pack game which was running from a forest fire. We were guided through making the cutest origami frog ever by the talented Safiya and then proceeded to have frog races. The afternoon wolf pack had to pick a disability to cross the pit of doom with, did they loose an eye or legs maybe they had to carry an injured wolf? Ask your Owl which one they choose. Finally we experimented with melting crayons onto the candles we have been carving during sit spot which lead to very colorful designs.

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