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Owls, Dec 22

Outside the Owls stayed warm in the morning with constant movement through a dynamic game of Handball, followed by Juggernaut (keepaway with the soccer ball), which turned into a series of wrestling challenges.

We headed to the cabin to warm up and entertained ourselves with ghost stories at lunch. We crafted wood cookie decorations, played games, and tested our toughness and srength with Inuit games - a series of a physical challenges meant as training for hunting.

Another Indigenous game we learned earlier this year, Dox-En-Eye, from the Haida people, is a favourite among the Owls and was a highlight today. The group divides into two teams and the goal is to recruit people from the other team to your side by making them laugh / lose the straight face they are trying to maintain (it's a bit like Red Rover, ask your Owl how it works).

It's a great opprtunity to be wild or silly, laugh a lot, and we are also learning about each other's personalities! What will make one person laugh compared to another? Ask your Owl about their favourite strategy for specific people or who they think is easy or hard to recruit.

Before the day ended we decorated our own sleds as a sit spot and headed back outside for some sledding, charting an unfamiliar path up the bluff and discovering some beautiful (goose?) feathers along the way.

We loved witnessing everyone's energy and joyful spirit despite the cold on this wintry day and we look forward to more adventures together in the new year!

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